Welfare Fund  Stamps



53[Every vakalath filed by an advocate 54[ xxx] shall in addition to the court fee stamps affixed thereon be affixed with the welfare fund stamp of the value of 55[twenty five rupees] in the case of vakalath filed before the High Court and of the value of 56[fifteen rupees] in the case of vakalath filed before subordinate courts, tribunals and other authorities ands no vakalath shall be valued unless it is so stamped.

Provided that nothing contained in this sub-section shall apply in respect of any memorandum of appearance filed by an Advocate appearing on behalf of the Government

Explanation:- If three or more Advocates jointly appear by single Vakalath the maximum number of stamps that may be affixed thereon shall be three].

57[Provided furtherthat no court, Tribunal or other Authority shall recieve any vakalath filed by any Advocate unless it is so stamped, and that any person found to be responsible for causing loss to the Fund may be held liable for making good such loss.]

(2) The value of stamp shall neither be costs in the case nor be collected in any event from the client.

(3) Any contravention of the provisions of sub section (2) by any member shall disentitle him to the benefits of the Fund and the Trustee Committee shall report such instances to the Bar Council for appropriate action.