Qualifications for Enrolment......


Section 24, Advocates Act

Subjects to the provisions of Advocates Act, and the rules made there under, a person shall be qualified to be admitted as an advocate on a State roll, if he fulfills the following conditions, namely:
a) he is a citizen of India:
Provided that subject to the other provisions contained in the Advocates Act, a national of any other country may be admitted as an advocate on State roll, if citizens of India, duly qualified, are permitted to practice law in that other country:
b) he has completed the age of twenty one years:
c) he has obtained a degree in law
(j) before the 12th day of March, 1967 from any University in the territory of India; or
(ii) before the 15th day of August, 1947 from any University in any area which was comprised before that
date within India as defined by the Government of India Act, 1935; or
(iii) after the 12th day of March, 1967, save as provided in Sub-clause 7

(iii- a) after undergoing a three years course of study in law from any University in India which is recognised for the purposes of this Act by the Bar Council of India; or
(iv) in any other case, from any University outside the territory of India, if the degree is recognised for the purposes of this Act by the Bar Council of India; or He is a Barrister and is called to the Bar on or before 31st day December, 1976 or has passed the article clerk’s examination or any other examination specified by the High Court at Bombay or Calcutta for enrolment as an attorney of that High Court; or has obtained such other foreign qualification in law as recognized by the Bar Council of India for the purpose of admission as an advocate under this Act.

(d) he fulfils other conditions as may be specified in the rules made by the State Bar Council under the chapter;
(e) he has paid, in respect of the enrolment stamp duty, if any chargeable under the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, (2 of 1899), and an enrolment fee payable to the State Bar Council, Six Hundred rupees and to the Bar Council of India one Hundred and fifty rupees by way of a bank challan. Provided that where such person is a member of the Scheduled caste or Scheduled Tribe and produces a certificate to that effect from such authority as may be prescribed, the enrolment fee payable by him to the State Bar Council shall be one hundred rupees and to the Bar Council of India twenty five rupees.
Explanation- For the purpose of this sub-section, a person shall be deemed to have obtained a degree in law from a University in India on the date on which the results of the examination for that degree are published by the University on its notice board or otherwise declaring him to have passed that examination.