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1) Every applicant, if so required by the Council, has to appear in person for the purpose of giving further information, touching any matter mentioned in the answers, certificates or statements filed along with the application.
2) The applicants are warned that if the enrolment is obtained under misrepresentation of any essential fact in the enrolment application such enrolment shall liable to be cancelled.
3) The candidates will be duly informed of the date, place and time of Enrolment. The applicant shall be present as directed, in the advocates robes.
4) Every applicant shall be required to read out the declaration prescribed by the Council and shall sign the roll of Advocates maintained by the Council.
5) The Certificate of enrolment (Provisional) will be issued to the applicants in person as far as practicable on the date or enrolment. Original Enrolment Certificate will be issued later after assigning roll number. Fee for the issue of original Enrolment Certificate is Rs.300/- This can be applied along with Two Colour (passport size) photograph on the previous day of Enrolment.
6) Candidates who passed the Law degree from Universities outside Kerala shall produce an affidavit on stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- stating that the certificate grand by the said Universities are genuine. The candidates are liable for any desparity found on verification.