Instructions to Candidates for Enrolment as Advocates......


. The Cost of the application form is Rs. 2000/
. Appiication is to be filled up carefully and it must be complete in every respect
. No Columns should be left unanswered
. Address of the applicant should be written completely and clearly in capital  letters
. Full and correct information must be furnished against every column
. Don't fill up any column by dashes or dots or any other mark
. If any column is not applicable, it must be stated as " NIL"
. Incomplete application will not be considered.
. Please mention your Telephone Number & Mobile Number in the space provided.

The applicant shall submit the duly filled up application form for Enrolment on all working days between 10.30 am & 3 pm at the office.


(Approved by the Bar Council of India at its meeting held on 9.2.1980)


(Rules under Section 28(2) and (d) read with Section 24 and 25)

3. Unless the Bar Council otherwise orders every person intending to apply for admission as an Advocate shall give one month's notice in writing to the Secretary stating such intention in Form No.7 provided that the enrolment committee may waive this requirement in appropriate cases

4(a). "A person who has already ceased to be an advocate or cease to be an advocate by removal from State Rolls on request under the provisions of

Sec.26A of the Advocates Act shall repay the entire amount if any received by him from the advocates Welfare Fund with 12% interest per annum on that amount to the Welfare Fund and produce the receipt thereon"