Documents Required


Certificates & Documents to be produced......


a) Original Certificate/Provisional Certificate of having obtained a degree in law, after undergoing a 3 years / 5 years course of study in law, from duly recognised Law College affiliated to a University in India which is recognised by the Bar Council of India.

b) A copy of the Original/Provisional Certificate duly attested by Gazetted officer.

c) In the case of an applicant who has obtained the degree in law from any University outside the State of Kerala, Certificate from the head of the Institution showing that the course of study in law has been by regular attendance for the requisite number of lectures, tutorials, moot courts and practical training given by duly recognised law college affiliated to a University by the Bar Council of India, has to be filed.

d) Secondary School Leaving Certificate in Original.

e) A copy of the pages of S.S.L.C. book showing the date of birth & mark card and a copy of Degree Certificate attested by a Gazetted officer.

f) Two recent Passport size Colour photograph of the applicant showing frontal view of full face against light background with the signature of the applicant on the facing side of it in ink and duly attested by a Gazetted officer. The attestation on the photograph affixed on the application should be on the front side of the photograph. Attestation on the other copy should be on the back side of the photograph. The attestation shall be as follows:

Certified that this is the true likeness of Shri/Smt ..............................................................

Photographs taken with coloured glass or in uniform will not be accepted.

g) Certificate of character in Form No.4 from two Advocates of more than 10 years standing in the Bar and who is not related to the applicant. Roll number and date of Enrolment of that advocate must be written.

h) A declaration in Form No. 5 duly filled up and signed,

i) A declaration in Form No. 6 duly filled up and signed.

j) Notice in form No. 7 (in duplicate) intimating his/her intention to enroll as an advocate after one month. One month's notice will be calculated only from the date of receipt of the application duly filled up and accompanied by all the certificates and documents referred to in the instructions, or the date on which the defect is cured, as the case may be.

k) If the applicant had been Service or working in any other establishment or doing any other profession the original and a copy of the order of retirement/termination of service/discharge Certificate as the case may be, together with a relieving order (Original and a Copy) must be filed.

I) Two self addressed stamped envelopes (size 10.2 x 22.6cm.) must be enclosed along with the application for communication.

m) Original and an attested copy of degree certificates,

n) T.C. in original and an attested copy.