Section 24A, Advocates Act

1. No person shall be admitted as an Advocate on the State roll:
(a) if he is convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude:
(b) if he is convicted of an offence under the provisions of untouchability (Offences) Act 1955 (22 of 1955)
(c) if he is dismissed or removed from employment or office under the State on any charge involving moral turpitude.
(Explanation:- In this clause, the expression “State” shall have the meaning assigned to it under Article 12 of the Constitution)

Provided that the disqualification for enrolment as aforesaid shall cease to have effect after a period of two years has elapsed since his release or dismiss, or as the case may be, removed

2. Nothing contained in sub section ( 1 ) shall apply to a person who having been found guilty is dealt with under the provisions of the Probation of Offenders Act 1968 (20 of 1968)
“ 7A. Any person applying for enrolment as an Advocate shall not be enrolled, if he is dismissed, retrenched, compulsorily retired, removed or otherwise relieved from Government service or from the service under the control of the Hon’ble High Courts or the Hon’ble Supreme Court on the charges of corruption or dishonesty unbecoming of an employee and a person having such disqualification is permanently debarred from enrolling himself as an advocate”*.

* Amended vide Resolution No.63/1993 Dt.20th August 1993
* Rule 7A came into force Gazette 26-2-2000.