Membership in the Fund

(1) Every advocate practicing in any court in the State and being a member of a Bar Association recognised by the Bar Council any apply to the Trustee Committee for admission as a member of the Fund in such from as May be prescribed.

24[(1A) A Advocate is eligible for or availed of any kind of retirement for the service under Central or any State Government or any public or private sector undertakings shall not be admitted as a member of the Fund or permitted to resume membership in the fund.]

25[(1B) A person who recieved retirement benefits from the fund shall not be rc-admitted as member to the fund.]

(2) On receipt of an application under sub section (1), the Trustee Committee shall make such enquiry as it deems fit and either admit the applicant to the Fund or for reasons to be recorded in writing reject the application;
Provided that no order rejecting an application shall be passed unless the applicant has been given an opportunity of being heard.
(3) 26[An Advocate applying for membership to the Fund shall pay a sum of Rupees 27(five hundred) towards admission fee along with the application in such manner as may be prescribed to the account of the Trustee Committee].
(4) 28[In the event of rejection of an application, the admission fee paid along with the application shall be refunded to the applicant.]